Know what underwear your market wears

Let’s get it on today with some “Question & Answer.”


Cool, let’s go…

QUESTION: What would you recommend I do to get more qualified leads?

JONATHAN: Know and intimately understand your market (like what kind of underwear they wear …. Just kidding ;-)…but you have to understand what makes your market tick), then ask yourself…

“Where does my market mainly hang out at?”

Then go THERE to generate leads.

Ideally you’ll want to see if you can run ads targeted to them (so you can scale up fast), or maybe see if there’s any free methods you can do on that source to get leads (if you’re on a tight budget).

Oh and hey…if there’s a substantial % of your market who wears a certain type of underwear…by all means use that as a way to connect with them! ;-)


QUESTION: Know where I can get a ergonomic chair and mount my computer at an over head angle so I can lay back and look UP instead of hunch forward and look down?

JONATHAN: As far as the ergonomic chair, check out OfficeMax.

That’s where I got mine.

I’d recommend getting their warranty too. My chair got a rip in it after about 8 months or so, and they sent me a check for a brand new chair.

As far as mounting your computer over head, you mean like on a wall, or on a ceiling?

I’d recommend just getting a monitor lift. It’s just a thing you can set your monitor on that will lift it up so you’re not looking down at it (which can cause neck and back issues).

OR…just do what I’ve done. Take a stack of magazines and put it under your monitor to lift it up higher. :-)


QUESTION: What is a good addition for leads for someone who is broke and can’t afford anything?

JONATHAN: Can I be honest?

That’s a horrible mindset to be in. Because as long as you see yourself as “broke and can’t afford anything” it will be tough to ever create real success online.

A better mindset to be in is this…

“How can I create a business where I can spend more money than anyone else on generating leads?”

“How can I generate high quality, targeted leads based on my current temporary situation?”

So, get your head straight FIRST, then ask yourself the above questions. Those questions will guide you to some very profitable, low cost lead sources online.

Speaking of….

In our CAPS system we cover (if I remember correctly) around 15 or so sources for generating leads online.

Many of them are low cost to the f word (free).

You can get the details here if you’re not a member already: