He was covered in poop

Gotta share this. :-)

I went to Noah’s room (our 5 month old baby) early one morning last week to change his diaper and put him in his clothes for the day.

While he’s in his crib I take off his pajamas…

But as I pull his PJ’s off I immediately feel wetness all over his back.

I look at my hand to see what it is…

And my hand is covered in poop.

Evidently, Noah’s poop had seeped all out of his diaper and his back was covered in poop.

It was everywhere.

It was kinda funny, but really, really gross at the same time!

But it reminds me of all of the self proclaimed “gurus” in our market.

Eventually most of these fake gurus end up covered in their own poo.


From all of the lies and BS crap that they like to spread to unsuspecting newbies. Even people who’ve been in the game for a while fall for the lies & hype.

I have.

So the point is this.

In everything you do, seek to truly help people. Don’t copy the “gurus.”

Otherwise, like the gurus, you’ll end up covered in your own poo.

You will eventually be exposed.

People WILL eventually get a whiff of the poo.

To best protect yourself from the poo covered gurus, it’s a good idea to put on a full body protective suit, and actually understand what it TRULY takes to build a REAL online business.

And you can learn that here:

Continue onward…

Have an awesome “poo-free” day! ;-)