ClickAndProfitSite Ultimate Leverage Shortcut – What Is It???

What’s uppp! It’s Jonathan Register. In this blog post I want to share with you a shortcut. A shortcut that will generate you traffic, leads, AND commissions. Isn’t that sweet??? :-)

This shortcut is built into my private ClickAndProfitSite system (CAPS for short). If you’re NOT a member you might be thinking… “hey that’s cool and all, but I’m not part of the system, so I don’t know what it is, and why should I care about the system OR the shortcut?”

Well, then you’re missing out BIG TIME.

You’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to jump in EARLY on a new system that is changing lives. So, if you’re not a member yet, just hang with me. Soak in what I’m about to share with you, and I’m pretty sure by the end you’ll be frantically searching for how to join. :-)

For existing CAPS members, use this so you can learn and really get the power behind this. Also, use it as inspiration for a blog post on YOUR blog. Because this is VALUE that people will love you for sharing with them.

Ok without further ado, let me introduce you to the…ClickAndProfitSite Ultimate Leverage Shortcut

Here’s What The CAPS Ultimate Leverage Shortcut Is…

This is just one really really bad ass feature that you get as a member with our system. Here’s how it works.
For every person you refer to the ClickAndProfitSite system, every 4th person that your referrals refer, that 4th person will be passed up to YOU.

Meaning…your referrals will be generating YOU traffic, leads, and commissions FOR YOU!

Isn’t that freakin awesome??

Let me explain it by video too, and I’ll give a REAL LIFE example so you fully understand the power behind this…

After watching the above video, does that make sense??

Now after concocting that up…a part of me (the greedy side) immediately thought if I was a member I’d be thinking this…

…but wait… if I’m getting every 4th person that my referrals refer, doesn’t that mean, I’m giving every 4th person I refer away to whoever referred ME to the system?

YES. That’s true.

BUT…giving up every 4th person to GET EVERY 4th person of the people I refer, is way WAY better than just referring people…referring people…and referring people.

Think about it…There’s ZERO leverage in that.

I must do ALL of the work if I’m just referring people and there’s no pass up involved.

If I stop referring people…my business stops.

If I’m sick, I want to go on vacation, I want to take a month off…my traffic stops, my lead flow stops…and my new referrals STOP coming in.

And thus…I’m not making any new sales or commissions!

Why? Because I’m the only person referring people into my business. Does that make sense?

On the otherhand…

With our Ultimate Leverage Shortcut…you have EXTREME leverage. You have people doing the work for you.

  • You can go on vacation.
  • You can get sick (which we hate…but it happens).
  • You can take a month off to be with your kids or to just recharge.

And your business will keep growing.

Because every 4th person that your referrals refer…go to you giving you automated, highly leveraged, traffic, leads and commissions.

With the Ultimate Leverage Shortcut you’re getting…

Leads (REAL people) that you can build a relationship with. That you can have a positive impact on. That you can offer whatever you want to sell them…forever.

Get it??? Got it? GOOD! :-)

Now That You’re Frantically Searching How To Join…

Right now we are VERY very slowly rolling out with a brand new & improved version of the ClickAndProfitSite system. With this new version, when you join you are getting…

  • Me building, installing, and setting up your very own money making blog FOR YOU. This blog is based off of my exact blog where I’ve now done well over $819,979.68+ in sales and have generated 20,000+ leads.
  • You’re not just getting a money making website, but you’re also getting step by step, day by day training on how to put your blog and the CAPS system to work for you so you are generating tons of free traffic, AND making money.
  • And lots and lots more (way too much to list here).

Isn’t that AWESOME?

You just have to be willing to get your web hosting, AND your autoresponder. These are tools you are going to need anyways, and right now you can grab them for just $2 as of right now.


To be considered to be one of the first people to get access to this game changing process…

  • Ideally, you have to have **NOT** gotten GVO or Pure Leverage yet (this isn’t required, but it is preferred that you have not gotten the tools yet), and…
  • You have NOT setup a blog yet (this is required, since I’ll be personally setting up your site for you for free).

If you want to be considered to be the one of the FIRST to get into CAPS 2.0 and to have me do EVERYTHING for you, then…

=>>Click Here And Complete This Short Application Form Now.

And then be ready to move fast if you are selected to get access. You’ll have only 24 hours from being accepted to take action…otherwise you’ll lose your place and have to wait until we open up to the general public.

That’s it for now!! If you’re not a CAPS member, get on the waiting list NOW, so you’re not looking back at the end of 2014 WISHING you had taken action on this.

Yours In Leverage,

Jonathan “on a mission” Register


P.S. If you have any questions, comments, leave them below!!!