$11,000 Per Month Screw Up’s (MUST read)

Man, events are eye opening. This one event I just got back from has made me realize I’ve been screwing up…

…Screwing up BIG TIME.

These screw ups have cost me at least $11,000 per month in lost income. And I’ve been doing these stupid things for the past YEAR (so do the math on that one).

Not only that…I get SICK to my stomach thinking of the potential lives that I COULD HAVE CHANGED…but didn’t because of these screw ups.

Yesterday my wife and I got back from Las Vegas. We took a red eye flight back home Sunday night and didn’t get home until about 1:00pm yesterday…so we used the remainder of the day to relax and recharge.

We were there in Vegas for the big annual event of a network marketing company I’m part of.

The top 3 highlights of this trip would have to be-

1) Getting to hang out with the people on my team (I LOVE my team to death).

2) Getting to walk on stage in front of 7,000+ people. Check out this picture I took while I was on stage-

View From Stage

3) Having the major breakthrough of discovering the 3 big ass mistakes I’ve been making for the past 365+ days.

Seriously. I’ve screwed up big time.

Instead of being part of the solution in our industry (that’s full of HYPE, Shiny Objects, & BS), I’ve gotten sucked into all the hoopla myself.

So over the next several days I intend to come totally clean and share these mistakes.

Ever dream of having one of those moments in your business and life where you have a HUGE, transformational shift for the better?

…that leads to huge income jumps.
…that leads to huge inner personal growth.

THAT…is the shift I’m having right now in my business.

And YOU can have the same shift if you listen & read what I’m going to share with you over coming days.

Yours In Imperfect Success,

Jonathan Register

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