TribePro Review – Results OR Total BS?

TribePro Review

TribePro Review

TribePro Review – Does TribePro really give you quality social backlinks that gives results, or is it all total BS and just a waste of money? If you’ve ever been involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or working towards getting traffic to a website, then you likely know that the key to getting free traffic is through content syndication.

In other words, you want to share your content to as many sites as possible (like article directories, bookmarking sites, social sites, etc.) so that your content gets found by the sites users, AND it gets a link back to your site which will help it get ranked in Google so people will continue to find your site.

So, the whole point is to get TRAFFIC (because without traffic you would get ZERO sales) and we do that through content syndication. The BIG problem comes when we actually try to share our content to a level that will actually give us decent results.

You could literally spend ALL day sharing your content so that you get traffic and backlinks. Trust me, I’ve done it and it SUCKS!

That is where TribePro comes in and it promises to save the day! Read on because I’m going to give you my complete TribePro review and show you an actual case study that I did and I’ll reveal the startling results…

What Is TribePro? – TribePro Review


TribePro Review

I want to start my TribePro review with a quick overview of what TribePro is. TribePro is content syndication service that promises to distribute your content to a massive network of social sites automatically without you lifting a finger (you’ll just need to lift a few fingers to initially set it up :-)). It uses Onlywire to submit your content to other people’s social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Digg, Delicious, etc which gives your website some incredible exposure.

TribePro follows the “tribe” concept to help its users get an unlimited amount of exposure through the service. So basically this is what happens when you join TribePro-

1) You create an Onlywire account here, and you create accounts at the 51 social media sites.
2) You create a TribePro account here, and you sign up for the Plus account.
3) You start auto syndicating other people’s content and asking them if they’ll return the favor.
4) You setup the auto-submit feature so all new blog posts, videos, etc. you create automatically go into TribePro.
5) In no time, you’ll have your content being shared across 500, 800, 1000+ social media accounts.

So Explain All Of That In English! – TribePro Review

What that all means, is that by using TribePro, you’ll be able to get instant backlinks, and instant content syndication across 500 to 1,000+ social media accounts.

By doing that you’ll not only get traffic, but you’ll ALSO get backlinks to help you get ranked in Google. The traffic you get from the social media sites is usually short lived, but the traffic you get from Google and the search engines is LONG TERM which is key to any successful website.

What you are supposed to get with TribePro can all be summed up into a simple equation- CONTENT SYNDICATION = TRAFFIC = SALES, which = $$$ For YOU!

Game Changing Shift – TribePro Review

SpamI hope everything in my “TribePro Review” is making sense so far! If not, then just watch the video on this TribePro review page below since I explain things visually for you and show it in action. The key game changer with TribePro is the fact that you are getting high quality social backlinks which is why TribePro is so effective.

There are some major shifts going on with how Google ranks content. It used to be that you’d be able to get any ole’ spammy link back to your site and you’re rankings would skyrocket. Unfortunately, people have gamed the system and have forced crappy, useless content to the top of the search engines in an effort just to get sales. They use blog commenting (on a massive scale), forum profiles (using software like XRumer), and any other method of getting backlinks that can be done through software.

So now the search engines are placing a more heavy emphasis on higher quality backlinks like links from social sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Why are they doing that? Because an actual HUMAN being has to share that link. Social media sites tend to have some pretty heavy spam protections in place to protect their site from software applications that do things automatically. Otherwise, the site will just become filled with spammers, and REAL people will stop using the site.

It only makes sense then that a link that is shared on Facebook or Google Plus should be given heavier weight then a spammy blog comment. The link shared on Facebook is done by a REAL, ACTUAL human being so in theory it should be a higher quality site.

The True Power Behind TribePro – TribePro Review

So TribePro is a community of people who have agreed to share each others content on their social media accounts. Having your website shared on 500 to 1,000+ Facebook and other social media accounts is powerful! Do you think Google would take notice and rank a blog post higher that has been shared and talked about by actual people? Yea, I think so! :-)

Now for the fun part of this TribePro review. Time to see some RESULTS…

Does TribePro Give You Results? – TribePro Review

It’s now judgement day, and I want to show you here in my TribePro review whether it gives results or if it falls short. The easiest most efficient way to do this is by video, so check out the video below-

So in a matter of minutes I got my content syndicated to 1,000+ people’s social media accounts (so about 1,890 high quality backlinks) and in ONLY 5 days my blog post was on the first page of Google for a very competitive term.

THAT is results! :-)

TAKE ACTION – TribePro Review

I think you know the score I’d give TribePro in my TribePro review. It gets a 10 out of 10 for giving RESULTS. Because in the end when it comes to all of these fancy tools and automatic software, if it doesn’t give results in a simple, effective manner, then it’s a waste of money.

If you’re at all serious about getting free organic traffic to your website, then I highly recommend you take action NOW and sign up for an Onlywire account here, and then signup for the Plus level TribePro account here so you can get instant, automatic backlinks so you can start getting more traffic and make more $$$ sooner then later.

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==>Click Here To Get Instant Backlinks & Traffic With TribePro<==

I hope you found this TribePro review helpful and valuable. Take action, and leave comments on this TribePro Review post below if you have any questions!

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