5 Ways To Hypnotically Get People To Buy From Your Emails

In today’s world of OVER ABUNDANCE of emails, sending out crap just does not cut it anymore.

GONE are the days of just sending out pure sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch (and expecting to get people buying from you).

GONE are the days of sending out constant garbage emails with no value whatsoever given.

People are over it. I’m over it.

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the “Traffic & Leads = Sales” SCAM

Let’s bash the gurus today shall we? In otherwords, let’s share the TRUTH.

There’s a common equation that’s prostituted by just about all the big time so called “goorus.”

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The DNA Results Are In

I think it was last Friday, I was flipping through the channels, and I heard this…

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Quitting is winning

Sometimes… “Quitting is winning.”

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Thomas Edison’s secret of success

Try to imagine Thomas Edison in your mind right now.

Just try to picture him as vividly as you can…even if you’re not sure what he looks like…

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He was covered in poop

Gotta share this. :-)

I went to Noah’s room (our 5 month old baby) early one morning last week to change his diaper and put him in his clothes for the day.

While he’s in his crib I take off his pajamas…

But as I pull his PJ’s off I immediately feel wetness all over his back.

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My top 6 favorite books (required reading for the serious)

hey hEYYY! So today I wanted to put together a short list for you of some of my top favorite books of all time (so far, at the moment).

These are books that I believe should be “required” reading for anyone who is serious about building a real income online.

And this ain’t the lame, boring required reading you had in school.

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