Mike Dillard Scam – FRAUD Alert?

Is it a Mike Dillard scam? Or is Mike Dillard a legit dude who puts out REAL products and services that live up to what they say they are going to do? I don’t know about you, but I HATE throwing away money for products and services that are total BS and don’t live up to their claims.

You’re NOT going to want to buy any of Mike Dillard’s products before reading this blog post. On this page I’ll answer the question of if it’s a “Mike Dillard scam” and I’ll give you my experience with his products. I’ll also go into the Elevation Group and whether that’s something you should pursue or avoid.

Is Mike Dillard A Fraud? – Mike Dillard Scam

Mike Dillard Scam

Mike Dillard Scam

From my research, and my experience with Mike Dillard’s products, I can honestly say that it’s not a Mike Dillard scam and he is not a fraud or anything else crazy like that. There have been two products in particular that I have bought and personally used that Mike Dillard put together. Both of them did EXACTLY what they said they were going to do and gave me some pretty dramatic results.

One of the products, Black Belt Recruiting really had a profound impact on my network marketing business. I even had an “AHA” moment as a result of going through the course that literally helped to change the course of my business. It took me from an amateur network marketer to a professional. Following the techniques <inside of Black Belt Recruiting I went from struggling to sponsor people into my network marketing business, to sponsoring 10 reps in only 2 weeks.

The other product by Mike Dillard that I have used and have had success with (which shows me it’s not a Mike Dillard scam), is his Magnetic Sponsoring course. This course revolves around the use of a technique called attraction marketing to enable a network marketer to attract new reps into their network marketing business versus chasing family, friends, co-workers, etc. If you’re new to the network marketing industry then this is a must have book since it teaches you a concept that most network marketing companies aren’t teaching their distributors. Attraction marketing works, plain and simple and Mike Dillard’s book does a great job explaining it and breaking it down.

So again, from my experience I can say without a doubt that it’s not a Mike Dillard scam, he’s not a fraud, and he does put out legitimate products and services. If that’s the case, then why are there still people out there who say it’s a “Mike Dillard scam” or asking, “Is Mike Dillard a Fraud?” Let me explain…

Why People Say It’s A Mike Dillard Scam

The biggest reasons why people jump the gun and say it’s a Mike Dillard scam is usually because of the hype surrounding his products, the upsells, and from not reading the terms and conditions or understanding what they are signing up for.

Like every entrepreneur, Mike Dillard uses marketing and affiliates to get as many eyeballs as possible in front of his products in hopes that people will pull the trigger and make a purchase. To market these products he’ll obviously hype them up as much as he legally can to get people to buy. He’ll make claims about the products and a lot of time people will assume that it’s too good to be true and therefore it’s a Mike Dillard scam. Again, from what I’ve seen and my experience with his products, they do in fact work and live up to the claims.

The Upsells – Mike Dillard Scam

If you buy a product from Mike Dillard you need to expect to be offered additional products or “upsells” immediately after you finalize your order. Why does he do that, and does that make it a Mike Dillard scam? Absolutely not, but a lot of people make that assumption after seeing the upsells.

By offering upsells he’s just being a good marketer so he can maximize what he makes just like every good retailer does. Just think about how many times you’ve been at the check out counter at a clothing store (or any other store) and the cashier has offered you to buy Y because you bought X. Or think about all of the stuff that surrounds the cash register or the shelves of products you stand by as you’re waiting in line to check out? These are all upsells and an effort by the retailer to get you to buy more stuff. Does that make the retailer a scam and makes it a Mike Dillard scam? No, they are just trying to maximize their profits like any entrepreneur should do.

Not Reading The Terms & Conditions – Mike Dillard Scam

This is another big reason people automatically assume it’s a Mike Dillard scam. They skim through the sales page, they zoom right past the terms and conditions, and BAM they order the product. By doing that they failed to notice that the product is a subscription product where you get charged monthly to be a member. Then when their credit card gets charged again, they automatically assume it’s a Mike Dillard scam and point the fingers at him.

Take the time to carefully read what you’re buying. I do feel that if you’re signing up for a subscription based service that it clearly be stated, but you need to make sure you read the terms & conditions so you know what you’re signing up for. I personally have not seen instances where Mike Dillard has hidden the fact that it’s a monthly subscription (more specifically, the Elevation Group membership).

The Elevation Group Fraud? – Mike Dillard Scam

The Elevation Group Fraud

The Elevation Group Fraud?

The Elevation Group fraud? – I get a lot of people asking me that so I wanted to address that here too. I personally have NOT purchased a membership to the Elevation Group, but I do have a good buddy who is a member. He has stuck with the membership for quite some time now and from what he tells me it has been totally worth it. The Elevation Group is all about how to invest your money properly during these crazy economic times so that in the end you come out ahead.

If you personally have experience with the Elevation Group, then make sure to leave a comment below since I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. The Elevation Group Fraud? From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t appear so, but I’d love to hear your experience with it. If I do get the Elevation group membership I’ll update this section with my thoughts and experience.

You Need To Decide For Yourself – Mike Dillard Scam

I hope you see now that it’s NOT a Mike Dillard scam! From my experience with his products, they truly do provide a ton of value and they live up to what they are supposed to do. I know Mike Dillard stands behind all of his products and that he lives up to any money back guarantees that he offers. So my recommendation would be to pull the trigger so you can be the judge if it’s a Mike Dillard scam or not.

I hope you got some value out of this blog post; if you did, then make sure to leave a comment below and tell me your experience (good and bad) with Mike Dillard’s products.

  • bruce robinson says:

    I jouned the elevation group with the option of canceling in 30 days if I did not like it.I wanted to cvancel right away but neith od the two websites I tried work I called 512-686-8384 to cancel but they refered me to the non-functional website.I am anxious to get a cancelation confirmation soon.
    Can you help me make contact with this outfit? Bruce Robinson

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I’m sure they have some type of support email address. I recommend sending them an email telling them that you’d like to cancel.

      I had to contact support for a different product that Mike Dillard offered. They sent me a response within 48 hours (it might of even been 24 hours) so I was pretty happy with their response and support. So I’d recommend giving that a try. Hope that helps!

  • Bill says:

    this is the problem as you stated. Most people that sign up think thier going to get rich quick and don’t pay any attention to what’s being said. Mike in no uncertain terms says that he is not a finacial adviser. This is a documentry of his finacial education in this economy. As well as giving those that want too the resources to follow and educate themselves in financial matters. To invest and protect those investments as the wealthy have for generations. So in short NO this is not a scam. You have 30 days to get your money back no questions ask.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yep! You took the words right out of my mouth Bill. There’s a TON of people in our world that take NO personal responsibility whatsoever. Instead of looking at their own actions, then blame everyone else…Thanks for the comment buddy!

  • Solomon says:

    Mike Dilliard is a marketing genius… Also, I appreciate your blog… Be prosperous.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks buddy!

  • Tyler says:

    Great insight, sending you positive vibrations through the universe…. sorry I just wanted to say the most hippie thing possible lol

  • David says:

    Hi Jonathan:

    I wanted to ask you a question related to the Magnetic Sponsoring course: First off, I own this course since two months ago aprox. but I have an inquiry about the backoffice of this product: Is it possible for any people who have this product to brand themselves or not?

    I’m asking this because I know all the people that I could bring to the MS sales funnel are going to “feed” Mike Dillard’s autoresponders with their names, not my own autoresponder. In these order of ideas, I wanted to know if at least I could import all my prospects names into my own autoresponder, because only in that way, I’m going to have much control over those prospects. That is my straightforward question.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ferenc says:

    I’m an Elevation Group member. It is not a Fraud or Scam! I’m fully satisfied with what I’m getting (although I live in Europe and not everything that works in the US works here, but I can utilize 80s percent), it is good value for money.
    One thing everyone should note, you have to work hard to reach your goal, just becoming a member won’t make you rich! There is no secret spell that will make you rich… if that is what you are looking for, it is the wrong spot.

  • Aristodis says:

    Thank you, Johnathan. It is a useful article. I know Mike Dillard’s works. I watched free videos of “black belt recruiting” and “magnetic sponsoring”. The only reason why I didn’t buy full products is because I am not sure if they give a lot of useful info.Can you tell me how much usefull information is in the bought products according to free video-corses?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem buddy! Yea those are both killer courses (they are really good and helpful when you’re getting goin).

  • Francine Colwell says:

    That is a really good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very precise info… Thank you for sharing this
    one. A must read article!

  • Mick Jackaman says:

    I find Mike very interesting and what he states is not new and you would have to be a blind monkey to miss the signs of the up and coming callapse.
    My question is, will the strategies work in the Australian market particulary around the tax releif and family banking , not sure if we have this here in Oz

  • Dan says:

    I have a simple question. What does the monthly fee cover? The sales page for MS states that I’ll receive literature and a disc… But what am I paying 40 per month for? I did not purchase yet; that is why I ask. Thanks!

  • Tony says:

    Mike Dillard also had a closed Google plus setup where he partiscipated with the group in a one year course the was very interesting.I joined and got a lot out of it all though I did not stay for the whole year.

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