How To Generate Leads – SECRETS Exposed!

How To Generate Leads

How To Generate Leads

How to generate leads is the one thing that if you don’t know how to do or aren’t doing, then you don’t have a business. Leads (aka prospects) is the lifeblood of ANY business regardless if it’s a network marketing business or not. In this post I’m going to focus on how to generate leads online since it’s such a powerful method of MLM lead generation.

At any one time there are literally millions and millions (probably even billions) of people online using the internet. That means you have a chance to generate an endless flood of leads to get your network marketing business presentation in front of. By successfully tapping into this endless supply of leads you’ll be able sponsor 100’s and 100’s (maybe even 1,000’s) of people, and make a ton of money in your business.

Let’s dive into this never-ending source of leads. Keep on reading because I’m going to give you the two ultra critical components that you absolutely must understand of how to generate leads online. I’m also going to give you the secret that will help you set all of this up now, versus waiting 2 years or more AFTER you have mastered these two components.

Two Key Components On How To Generate Leads Online

There are two critical components when generating leads online. They are-

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  • Targeted Traffic
  • Utilizing A System Or Funnel

Again, this is the foundation on how to generate leads online.

#1 Targeted Traffic – How To Generate Leads Online

Having targeted traffic basically means to have people looking at what you have to offer. The key word in targeted traffic is “targeted.” You want people looking at your product/service/business opportunity who are the most likely to make a purchase or say “YES” to your MLM business opportunity.

So for example, this blog is targeting network marketers who need help and who want real, no BS ways to grow their business. So if I were to pay for a banner advertisement, I wouldn’t place that banner on a website focused around theme parks like Disney World. That would be just plain stupid and wouldn’t make any sense. I’d want to place a banner on a fan site of Robert Kiyosaki who is a guru on helping people make more money and is a HUGE proponent of network marketing.

Sources Of Traffic – How To Generate Leads Online

There are hundreds and hundreds of sources to get targeted traffic online. Here’s just a few popular traffic sources-

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You could create a blog and focus on getting free targeted leads by creating valuable content that ranks high in the search engines. This is one of my favorite methods.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Running ads on sites like Bing, Facebook, Plenty Of Fish, YouTube, or any other site that allows PPC ads.
  • Social Media – You can generate free traffic through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Etc.
  • Banner Ads – Putting a banner advertisement on a website.

The list goes on and on and on…

By the way, are you confused or overwhelmed yet? :-) Next I’m going to get into the second component on how to generate leads online. This is the one component that 95% of people miss and don’t do because they think they can do it all themselves and figure it out on their own. As a result of doing that, these are the people who ultimately FAIL or go broke trying to generate leads online.

#2 Utilizing A System Or Funnel – How To Generate Leads Online

Funnel - How To Generate Leads Online

Funnel - How To Generate Leads Online

Ok, so I did kind of screw up the order of this whole process. You need have a system or funnel in place FIRST before you start generating traffic. Why? Because you need somewhere to send these people to. In the example I made earlier in the post, when someone clicks my banner ad on the Robert Kiyosaki fan website I need to have a web page for these people to go to. It’s also not enough to just have a random web page that I’m sending people to. For me to actually generate a new MLM lead, I have to capture that person’s information (their name, email and phone).

In order to capture a visitors information, my web page needs to have an irresistible offer that the visitor will need to enter their information in order for them to receive it. This irresistible offer has to be something that is highly valuable to this visitor. The value of what they are going to get MUST outweigh the risk of giving up their contact info (otherwise they will NOT enter their information and you won’t get a new MLM lead).

Follow Up Time – How To Generate Leads Online

Once you have that person’s contact information, then what’s next? Well, you need some way of automatically following up with these people. Since you’ll be using the power of the Internet to generate these leads you’ll be generating a massive number of leads (starting out it will be small, but as you get better you’ll be generating 20, 30, 50, 100+ leads per day). Not all of these leads will give you their phone number and not all of these leads will answer when you call or email. So imagine trying to email and call 50 leads a day, and then following up with all of those people  a week later?

You will literally go crazy trying to keep track of all of the follow ups and you’ll get to a point where there isn’t enough time in the day to follow up with everyone (the # of leads you’re following up with will keep compounding and compounding). So what’s the secret to making it work? Using an email auto responder that automatically sends a series of emails to your new leads is the secret! Let technology do the grunt work for you! :-)

THE SECRET On How To Generate Leads Online

lead generation systemsSo for all of this to work you need to master how to successfully use these traffic sources. You need to understand and know how to read the analytics so you can spend the least amount of money while generating the most amount of traffic (and so you don’t go broke). You have to understand the psychology behind the use of these traffic sources (for example, why people use Facebook, what are they doing, etc).

You need to understand copywriting so you can entice people to click your ads and read your emails. You also have to understand and know how to do the technical behind the scenes stuff (how to setup a website, how to setup your tracking code, how to setup your autoresponder, etc. ). PLUS you need to…ok, I think you get the point!

So it will take you about 2 years to master all of this stuff assuming you are spending 10 hours a day in study. Can you afford to take 2 years off and not make a single penny while spending $1,000’s and $1,000’s buying courses to teach you how to do everything? I didn’t think so! :-)

That’s why, the SECRET is to use a lead generation system that is already setup for you that you can start using TODAY and be able to start generating leads by the end of the week. The secret system that I use and that has catapulted me to the top 20 of MLM company (out of over 60,000 reps) is here…

==>Take Me To The Secret Lead System


If you’re not serious on learning how to generate leads online so you create more leads then you’ll know what to do with, or you’d rather spend 2 years making nothing and spending $1,000’s in the process, then don’t click the link above. :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post on “How To Generate Leads.” I also urge you to take action so you can learn how to generate leads SOONER then later!

  • Bill says:

    This idea cannot be restated often enough. Keep reading until it sinks in and becomes one with your marketing plan.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Most definitely! Too many people jump from one thing to the next without ever mastering what they learned. Have a great day Bill!

  • Once you have a lead make sure your marketing communication addresses the problems they want solved. Plan to contact your leads a minimum of six to eight times. Use the lead generation strategies that work for you, and produce more income than they cost and you’ll see your business and your profits grow.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I agree with everything but just wanted to clarify when you said to contact leads 6 to 8 times. I’m assuming you mean through automatic follow by using an auto responder (which I think is definitely cool and good to do). But if you’re leaving 6-8+ voicemails, then at that point you’re basically chasing that person, which is not a good thing to do in our industry.

  • John Smith says:

    I went through the entire article i agree with the techniques which have been mentioned over here to generate leads. and i agree with Jonathan also that leaving 6-8 voicemails would definitely irritate the person, which will ultimately effect the lead generation.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Leaving 6-8 voicemails is getting to the point of chasing someone, which in our industry isn’t the way to go. Thanks for the comment!

  • Tony says:

    I truely agree with you on the point of chasing down leads by leaving 6-8 calls. I just went through that whole experience with my upline. She keeps pushing the issue of creating a list of 100 names and 3 way calling these people which really doesn’t help much at all because they hear her speaking the opportunity but won’t sign up under me at all. They don’t care to hear about the company benefits because the don’t know either of us.


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yea at the end of the day it is ALL about the relationships!

  • James H says:

    hi jonathan. i enjoyed the info given here…im new to this and not sure if im in the right place. could you check out my video on my website and tell me if lead generating can help me..
    appreciate it..

  • Wesley says:

    hi there saw your video its awesome I need help I live in south Africa and my business is only here so how do I get targeted leads here
    thanx again for the info

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