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Hey, gotta a VIDEO update for you above…

Check er’ out! Something pretty exciting is coming on Monday to the CAPS system!

Make sure to let me know what’s happening with you in the comments!



REJECTION…AND…$0.26 High Quality Leads

RejectedLast night was full of rejection…BUT there was some success. Find out exactly what happened by watching the show below, then leave us a comment and share any tips you have, OR just say WUZ UP, and tell us how business/life is going for you . . .Continue reading

Why Internet Network Marketing Events SUCK!

Internet Network Marketing Events…Why do they suck?

What happens if you don’t go to all of these “events” that seem to always be going on? What happens if you drop the excuses and actually go to Internet Network Marketing events?

Watch this short video below to find out…Continue reading

CRUSH IT! by Gary Vaynerchuk Book Review

I just finished reading the book, “CRUSH IT,” by Gary Vaynerchuk. Check out the below video to find out…

  • Should you read this book?
  • Does this book reveal the secrets to how I’ve built my business?
  • What are the key points I personally took from this book?

Continue reading

How To Overcome The DOUBTERS…

Without a doubt…

There WILL be people that think you’re crazy and that you can’t build a business online. They’ll doubt you, and they’ll laugh at you.

So how do you deal with this? How do you overcome the haters…the doubters?

Watch the short video below and I’ll tell you how! :-)Continue reading

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