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Last night around 10:30pm I went downstairs to do something.

What I went downstairs to do, I can’t remember.

All I remember is this.

I went into our mud room (which has a closet with our washer/dryer), I flipped the light on…

And I was DISGUSTED to see it.

I was thinking…”AHHH, so freakin NASTY!” And I immediately felt a sense of anxiousness to get rid of it, and it’s friends.

Scurrying across the floor was this…Continue reading

I’ll never ever forget this moment.

I was excited, scared, and nervous all at once.

I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. I was hoping for the best.

At the time of this happening, I ran a little business picking up dog poop & walking dogs. Yea.

I had no “real” job and I was making NO where even CLOSE to a full time income. My wife and I were barley, barley scraping by each month.

My wife…she was supporting me. She had a normal full time job making I think not even $30,000 a year at the time.

As a man (who had always dreamed of being the bread winner…being able to fully support and provide for my wife and family)…that was really, really tough and hard to deal with.

It was the day of me sharing the news.Continue reading

MAJOR Realization.


2 Minute Exercise For The People Who Are SERIOUS About Creating Freedom In Their Life (as mentioned in the video)…Continue reading

the Wife vs Me (big Fight).

On Saturday my wife and I got in a big fight. It got pretty darn heated.

I was set on doing one thing.
My wife was set on doing the opposite.

If you combine the 2 together…you’ve got a FIRE storm!

More on that in a second, but first…have you made the time to check out the ninja tactic I shared showing you how to get 15 cent BUYER leads through Facebook?Continue reading

Gmail Tabs = The DEATH Of Email Marketing?

Does the new Gmail Tabs mean the death of Email Marketing as we know it?

I believe this is one of the BIGGEST changes Google has made to date and will have a FAR bigger impact then the Panda/Penguin updates.

Why? Because the Panda/Penguin updates ONLY affected people who do SEO.

The new Gmail Tabs, or the “Gmail Slap” as some people are calling it affects…EVERY single person online that uses email for their business.

You might want to take 10 minutes to watch this video from start to finish now :-)…Continue reading

I HATE Sales People!!!

Sales Guy

Sales Guy

Ever feel that way?

You’re in a store looking at their stuff, a sales person approaches you and you immediately want to get away from them as fast as possible. You ever experience that?

More on that in a second, but first…

I just got home late Saturday night from a super cool invite only event up in Maryland.

I left early early on Thursday morning for this event. During the event I had hoped to give you daily video updates of what was happening, but I didn’t so I do apologize about that.

There were about 100 other marketers from all kinds of niches at this event…

These marketers were the best of the best, many making millions and millions of dollars.

SOOOO…I was extremely humbled to have even gotten invited to this event. I learned so so much. I met so many smart, awesome marketers, I made some new friends, and it was just an…

INCREDIBLE mind blowing experience.

To try to make up for no video updates while I was gone, I just want to share one powerful thing I was reminded of at this event.

(I could spend hours and hours sharing everything)

At the event, I was reminded of a “shift” that I made the year before last that led to me personally going from just another “sales person” pushing stuff on people…

….causing people to want to get away from me as fast as possible (just like how you feel when you’re approached by a sales person in a store).

To effortlessly having people buy my stuff and join my network marketing business.Continue reading