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Best Email Autoresponder & preventing the DEATH of your emails! (muah ha ha haaaaa)

Got this question from a member of our community, Vic-

“What is the best autoresponder to use and why? Benefits/pros/cons. Also some tips on helping ensure email deliverability and avoiding spam boxes would be cool.”

That’s a great question. Because the fact is…if you’re sending out emails, and they aren’t going to people’s Inbox’s then…

Your message is NOT being seen.

And at the end of the day what that means for you is…INCOME that you’ve lost.Continue reading

Ultra Targetted Leads For As Cheap As FIVE Cents. Secret Traffic Source Exposed! ;-)

So with this new traffic source I’ve been testing, I’ve got some really really exciting results to share with you! :-)

Oh, and in this post I’ll officially be revealing what traffic source it is (hint: I’ve “dabbled” in this traffic source before), and I’ll share what I’ve learned so far so YOU can potentially tap into it yourself so you’re bring yourself closer and closer to absolute FREEDOM through your online business.

Check it out…

I started with running 1 campaign back called my “testing” campaign-


I went from 1 lead a day to 12 days later generating 11 leads in one day with my testing campaign.

The other day I started a new “proven” campaign (so I’m now running two campaigns at once- testing campaign, & proven campaign) and here’s my stats so far-



I went from 3 leads a day (the only reason I just got 3 leads the first day was since they approved my campaign so late in the day), to generating 14 leads.

So in total, I generated 25 highly targeted leads in one day! And the cool part is…

These are “untapped” DIRT cheap leads that are highly targeted. With these campaigns I’m focusing in on the “make money online” niche. I’m also getting leads as cheap as $0.05!!!

So ONE nickel a lead! ;-) I know with continued testing and refinement and I can bring my overall average lead cost closer and closer to that number.

Lastly, I see myself EASILY generating 100 leads a day PLUS with this traffic source. That’s my goal target right now, and I’d like to scale up beyond that to 1,000+ leads daily in the future.Continue reading

My Paleness & Update…

OH YEA…almost forgot.

If you haven’t gotten the free lead capture page download (this page is converting at 62.79% for me…aka lots o leads and molla), then click here now to grab it (it’s totally free and I share the WHY of why it works so well so you can LEARN and GROW)

If you’re already signed up for it, don’t forget that you can refer people to that page using the special link you get after signing up, and you’ll get totally free training from yours truly by just spreading the word. There’s a Facebook training back there that you can get access to where I teach you how I generate 10 to 20+ leads daily through Facebook and how you can too. That training SHOULD cost money, but I want to help you, and see our community keep growing so we can help more people.

So make sure to take advantage of that through this link here (just use the email you used to sign up with if you already got it).


WHAT DO YOU THINK? You EXCITED to get the 411 on this traffic source? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS below!


P.S.Don’t forget about this. While it’s free, PLEASE don’t take it for granted!

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Inappropriate Photo (DO NOT open if you get offended easily)

Seriously, some people might find this offensive, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Click play below now to see it…Continue reading

Star Trek Nerd & Dancin Like a Fool!

This weekend my wife and went to see Star Trek! :-)

OKKKK, I’ll admit it.

VulcanWe’re both nerds. I didn’t wear “Vulcan Ears” or dress up for it, but I was SOOO excited to see this movie (been waiting for this one since the last Star Trek movie a couple years ago).Continue reading

Don’t fall for this crap…




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