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[VIDEO] Cheap clicks, traffic, & leads (shocking results)

HEYYY! You want more cheap (and targeted) clicks, traffic, & leads?

Then check out the below view now…Continue reading

How I Generated 302+ Leads With Just 10 Minutes Work…

I absolutely LOVE ongoing automatic leads & sales.

Meaning you do the work once, and you get leads and sales that just flood in forever. Do you like that too? …you’d be crazy NOT to like that :-)

THAT is exactly what I’m going to share with you in a just a second. It’s a cool, ultra simple tactic to generating more leads and sales from your blog & website with just 10 minutes of work. And these leads & sales will come in forever!

Ready to learn how to do it?

Cool, then just watch the short video below now…

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Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments below if you want more stuff like this!

Have an AWESOME day! I look forward to your comments,

Jonathan Register

the “OHH SH*! moment”

Just in case you’ve been worried about me….

Yes. I am alive! :-)

top secretThe big secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes (project code word “CAPS”) has been totally consuming my time…

Constant testing & tweaking….testing & tweaking, and more testing & tweaking.

So as a result I haven’t been as consistent with my communication with you as I’d like.

…But I’m so so excited about CAPS.

It’s going to REVOLUTIONIZE your business. It’s going to help SO many people.

By the way in case you don’t know, project CAPS is where I’ve been working to put together a custom WordPress theme designed for 2 things…Continue reading

$0.23 Red Hot BUYER Leads …Inside Look At A New Facebook Campaign

YoOOoo0000oOO0oOo! Jonathan Register here.

I’m super pumped up because of a brand new Facebook campaign that I started just a couple days ago.

Check out these stats-


Sooo…if you notice on there I’m gettingContinue reading

Ninja Tactic To Getting $0.15 Cent BUYER Leads From Facebook.

This is powerful. This might change the entire course of your business if you’re NOT doing this.

Most people target the WRONG people. They are begging people. Chasing people. And trying to “convince” people to buy there stuff or join their business opportunity. There IS an easier way! :-)

And that easier way to is to focus your time, energy, & efforts on BUYERS.

So, here’s how to get BUYERS from the #1 (sometimes #2) most visited site on the net…Continue reading

This is PAINFUL & here’s how to take the easy path.

At our new home there is this narrow alley way in our backyard between our white fence, and our neighbors fence.

It’s probably no more than 6 feet wide, and it stretches the length of our backyard. We own this little area.

Our workshop also backs up to this area, and it has wood siding, so we needed to access it for maintenance.

When we moved in, it was evident that the owners did absolutely nothing back there…

Because it was literally like a forest of weeds back there. The weeds were SO tall they were going OVER our fence.

You also couldn’t walk more than a few feet into the alley without getting stabbed all over your legs & arms from the thorns.Continue reading

$11,000/mo Mistake #1 of 3

Hopefully you read my last email I sent a couple days ago. In it I shared some pretty major revelations I’ve had in my business.

These revelations have made me come to realize that I’ve been making some STUPID, STUPID mistakes.

These mistakes I’ve been making for the past YEAR, and as a result of them my income has dropped by at least $11,000 monthly.

It sucks to think about that, AND to think about the HUGE numbers of lives that I could have changed this past year.

But hey, you live and you learn.

So without further ado, here’s mistake #1 of 3…watch the video below now-Continue reading

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