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warning…IMPERFECTION ahead…

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Oh yea…Did You Catch The Hidden Lesson(s) In The Video? Let Me Know What You Think They Are Below!


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Bill says September 25, 2013

lol! loved the part at the end of the video. I always have liked how real you are!

Hidden lesson is just be who you are?

    Jonathan Register says September 25, 2013

    Thanks buddy! That wasn’t what I was looking for, but that is a good lesson you could pull from it! :-)

Buddy McKenzie says September 25, 2013

Hey, Jonathan! It looks as though there are a few extra lessons in this video. (1)No matter how much you are bombarded with information overload with all the BS out there…stay focused and you’ll get through it. (2) Find yourself a great mentor and never stop believing in yourself and your business. (3) Have a reason why you want to be successful, so you can set goals and take action. P.S. Personally, I think you got CAPS fever when you got on the plane from California.

    Jonathan Register says September 26, 2013

    lol…hey I think you’re right. I did get CAPS fever! :-)

    Yea those are some awesome awesome lessons that you brought up! Great share Buddy!!

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