Trapped (warning: explicit language)

I can remember feeling SOO trapped.

I HAD to go to my daily job.

I HAD to make the long one hour and 30 plus minute commute in bumper to bumper traffic.

I HAD to “pay my dues” and work for years and years making NOTHING until I finally made over $50k a year.

…$50k/year was a lot back then…heck, $100k/year was the ultimate dream.

It just felt like there was no other option.

It’s what everyone does right?

I was so unfulfilled.

I remember everyday towards the afternoon time would just CREEP by…

I’d stare at the time on my computer…

the Payless shoes

the Payless shoes (I can’t get rid of these for some reason)

…Wearing my monkey suit…dressed up in a button up shirt. Plaid tie. Khakis where the hem was held by staples. Tan dress shoes that I bought at Payless for $10.

Time would creep by…

…like a 95 year old lady crossing the street when the light is green.

The seconds… the minutes…the hours just sllllloowwwy going by.

And I hated every single damn moment of it.

I just wanted out.

I wanted to do ANYTHING but work for someone else.

I was SICK of taking orders.
I was SICK of letting someone else control my future.
I was SICK of building someone else’s dream.

FAST Forward….This afternoon…today…

It is about 12:45pm.

It’s 76 degrees, with a cool wind blowing in the air. The sun is shining with big gorgeous pillow like clouds in the sky.

I’m breathing heavily…struggling to catch my breath.

I had just finished chasing our 6 year old dog, Mackenzie around the hot tub. She was breathing heavily too…tail wagging…walking beside me as we head back in the house.

I then stopped…and just started thinking back to when I had a job…and the feelings I felt that I shared to you a moment ago.

And then I snapped back to the present moment…and just thought in my mind….

“Freedom is fucking awesome. It’s the ONLY way to go. And I’m NEVER EVER going back…”

I don’t know exactly where you are in your online business right now…

You may be making nothing.
You may be making a few hundred dollars a month.
You might be making a few thousand a month, or even maybe $100k+ a year.

But I just wanted to share this story to give you hope and show and prove that there are absolutely NO LIMITS on what you can do or achieve.

Because there’s NO DOUBT that if I can do this…

You can to.

And it’s my MISSION to do whatever I can to help you go wherever you want to go with your online business.

I want YOU to experience the feeling of freedom if you haven’t already.

I want US…you, our community, and me, to together achieve higher and higher levels of freedom in our businesses and lives.

Because quit bluntly…

“Freedom is fucking awesome. It’s the ONLY way to go…”

Jonathan Register

P.S. I’m not the type of person to pee pee “F bombs” all over the place. But…when I get emotional & feel passionate about something…the filter comes off.

If you can relate to what I shared at all…or if it inspired, motivated, or touched you in anyway, please Like this post, & leave a comment below so together we can help as many people as possible.



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