Private Rolodex of Tools & Resources

Figured it’d be invaluable for you if I created a page where I share tools, trainings, etc. that I personally use or have used to grow my online business.

It’s probably a good idea to bookmark this page so you can get back here easily when needed. I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on, but if there’s anything you don’t see that you need a recommendation on, feel free to contact me and let me know OR, just leave a comment below at the bottom of the page!

Lastly, I tried to make this easy for you to access what you need. Just click the category to get to what you need…



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This is a **must have** tool. Your autoresponder allows you to build a list of leads & buyers so you can follow up with them automatically 24/7, and lets you communicate with them whenever you want…

PureLeverage: I recommend people start out with using this service for their autoresponder. They are home business friendly, and have a KILLER affiliate program that you can use to create a substantial extra stream of income.

GetResponse: This is another great autoresponder system to use, but their affiliate program definitely is no where near as attractive as Pure Leverages. Once you get to a point where you need more advanced capabilities in your autoresponder though, then these guys are who you should use.

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Having a domain is what people type in their Internet browser to get to your website. I ALWAYS recommend you buy up (or another similar variation) ASAP before someone else gets it…

ClickAndProfitSite Domains

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Another one of those **must have** tools is hosting. Having your own web hosting account allows YOU to have your own blog, lead capture pages, etc that YOU own and control. You must have this so people can reach your blog and other websites…

GVO: This company is home business friendly (meaning they won’t close your account just because you’re part of a home business), and they have an AWESOME affiliate program that you can use to create an extra stream of income.

LiquidWeb: If you sell your own products, or you get 1 million plus visitors per year, then these guys are awesome. I host all of my high traffic websites here.

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—Create Capture Pages / Optin Pages / Lead Capture Pages (whatever you want to call them), Sales Pages, Etc.—

This is one of those **must have** tools. If you’re at all serious about building a REAL online business, you need to have the ability to EASILY create pages that allow you to build your email list.

OptimizePress <== if you’re just starting out, buy this one. It is compatible with ALL autoresponders. it also lets you create membership sites if you want to sell your own products.

LeadPages <== this one isn’t compatible with all autoresponders, but DANG…they make it so easy to create lead capture pages.

*I personally use BOTH of the above…but when I first started out, I just used OptimizePress. It lets you easily create lead capture pages, sales pages, and even full on memberships sites where you store your own products. I’ve recently started using LeadPages as well as now, since they have even more lead capture page templates that I can use, and just for the fact how simple it is.

If you’re just starting out, again, I’d recommend you start with OP, and then with time you can get LP as needed.

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Bad news…by nature us online entrepreneurs like to be independent. That is a GOOD thing, BUT…at the same time it can be bad. You might be like me and tend to want to do EVERYTHING yourself. No successful business is ever built on just one person. If you ever want to create massive wealth, you MUST outsource things so you can focus your time & energy on the most PROFITABLE activities in your business.

Here’s my top favorite sites that I use to outsource various tech things, admin things, etc…

Fiverr <==Great dirt cheap site to outsource LOTS of things.

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—Screencapture Software—

You know those cool videos where it’s me talking and I’m showing you stuff on my computer? I do that by using a screen capture software. Here’s a few options for you so you can do the same…


Camtasia Studio (paid) <== this is what I use.
CamStudio (free)


Quicktime Player (free should be installed on Mac…from what I heard)
Screenflow (paid)
Camtasia Studio (paid)

Any Computer:

Screencast-O-Matic (free for 15 min recordings)
Jing (free for 5 min recordings) <== my personal favorite for short videos.

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One of the best things you can ever do, is to make sure you’re in tune with what your email list, and your community wants from you. So from time to time I like to create brief surveys to find out what people want.

This is what I use to create my survey’s-


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—Tracking & Split Testing—

Never, ever, EVER forget this…

“You can’t improve what you don’t track.”

That’s why tracking & split testing is CRITICAL to not losing your shirt, and to making the most money possible online.

**Note: The below tracking system(s) are normally used if you are selling your own products, and aren’t traditionally used if you’re selling a product as an affiliate (most affiliate programs have their own tracking system that they let you use for free).

HyperTracker: This tracking service is great for tracking solo ads, banner ads, and even Facebook ads.

CPVLab: If you’re doing PPV marketing, then this is a must have service.

Split Testing:

Visual Website Optimizer: This is my all time favorite split testing program. They make it so SO easy to run split test, and their support is AWESOME (they helped me get through some major hurdles I was having when trying to figure out how to easily run split tests.

Google Website Optimizer (inside of Google Analytics now & called- Content Experiments): this is Free, but the downside is there isn’t any type of good support available if you have problems (that’s at least what I personally experienced.

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—Link Cloaking (makes long links short)—

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the links that I use are short & pretty consistent? This is how I do that-

This is a WordPress plugin that I use to keep track of all of my affiliate links, as well as to make ugly links look pretty. :-)

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—Banners, & Logos—

If you ever need a custom logo, banner, etc. then here’s the sites I use…



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—Host Webinars—

Webinars tend to be one of the most profitable activities that I can do in my business. Here’s what I use, and what you can use to host your own webinars-

GoToWebinar (paid).

AnyMeeting (free).

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—Online Storage—

These are the services I use to store files online so I can access them anywhere.

Dropbox (free 2GB of space) <==I don’t know how I’d get by without this. Used to always be a pain to travel, but now all of my files go with me no matter what computer I’m using.

Amazon: I use Amazon to host my own videos as well as to store all of my digital information products.

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—Selling Your Own Info Products Online—

If you ever plan on selling your own information products, these are the services that I personally use, and that you’ll need to make it happen…

***Note: You do NOT need the below resources if you’re not selling your own information products.

Getting Paid:

Paypal: If you’re just starting out, then use Paypal to collect money from people. But you WILL need to get a merchant account sooner or later, otherwise you risk Paypal doing some pretty crazy stuff with your money and your account (they tend to not like our industry).

Merchant Account – This is the company I use for my merchant account. They specialize in people running online businesses, and I highly recommend them (I got rejected from my own bank for a merchant account, but since these guys specialize people who run online businesses signup was a breeze).

Shopping Cart:

Once you move away from using Paypal, and you get your Merchant Account, you’ll need a shopping cart in order to keep track of your customer accounts, create order forms, etc.

Infusionsoft (all in one- email, shopping cart, etc.) <==this is what I personally use.
* Message me for my private Infusionsoft contact

1Shopping Cart: I’ve never used these guys before, but know of a lot of people using them.

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—Membership Sites—

If you ever want to run a full on membership site where you store your own information products, run a monthly continuity program, etc. then this is what you’ll need…

Killer Combo (like Blogging Domination Blueprint Course):

This is the setup I started out with, and that I still use today with some of my sites-

#1 – Creates Framework For Content
#2 – Protects Pages, Manages Members & Affiliate. Program

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—Notepad Upgrade—

I like to use regular ole’ notepad files on my computer (instead of Microsoft Word) for my To Do lists, notes, etc.

This is a suped up version of Windows “NotePad” that I prefer to use-

NotePad++ (free)

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Knowing the “how to” stuff is great and all, but if you don’t have the right mindset, then NONE of it matters.

I truly believe what holds you and I back most often is NOT the “how to” stuff (because I give you the how to stuff :-) and there’s ALWAYS an answer for every challenge or problem)…rather it’s YOU that holds you back. If you can come to grips with that, accept that as truth, and ACT to constantly improve your mindset…then everything else because so SO easy…

Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins: As of right now, this is my all time favorite mindset book. It will truly open your eyes to how your mind controls every aspect of your life, and Tony Robbins, shares with you exactly how to take control so you can achieve your dreams, goals & aspirations. MUST BUY book! :-)

The Secret Code Of Success by Noah St. John: This was the 2nd mindset book I ever read, and it’s one of my top favorites on mindset.

Time Management:

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy: Feel like you never get anything done? Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Then you need to read this book.

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–How To Write Copy—

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan S. Kennedy: Struggle with how to right words that get people to buy? Then you need to read this classic book.

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