This is PAINFUL & here’s how to take the easy path.

At our new home there is this narrow alley way in our backyard between our white fence, and our neighbors fence.

It’s probably no more than 6 feet wide, and it stretches the length of our backyard. We own this little area.

Our workshop also backs up to this area, and it has wood siding, so we needed to access it for maintenance.

When we moved in, it was evident that the owners did absolutely nothing back there…

Because it was literally like a forest of weeds back there. The weeds were SO tall they were going OVER our fence.

You also couldn’t walk more than a few feet into the alley without getting stabbed all over your legs & arms from the thorns.

I made the dumb mistake of trying to walk back there and a few steps later I was in pain from all the cuts on my legs & arms.

So…instead of spending 3 hours or so sweating my ass off in the 90 degree July weather…

I took the easy way out and took the path of least resistance. :-)

I’ll share what we ended up doing in a second but first….

In YOUR business, are you taking the path of least resistance?

Or are you trying to fight your way through weeds, and getting stabbed over and over again by thorns?

What I mean is this.

I’m kind of lazy. I like to take the easy path.

So when I’m trying to figure out who to target with my free lead generation strategies, or my paid lead generation strategies, I ask myself this…

  • Who is the most likely person that will buy my stuff?
  • And where do they hang out at?
  • Or how can I reach them?

These questions ALWAYS lead me to focusing my efforts on ONE group…


Instead of trying to convince people “why” they need to believe in product X, or business opportunity Y…

Why not take the path of least resistance and target people are already looking to buy?

I’ve done well over three quarters of a million dollars in sales online because of this. I’ve become a top producer & top recruiter numerous times because of this.

NOT because I’m some really awesome sales person…

But because I’m lazy :-), and like to take the easiest path possible.

Just some food for thought.

Oh…and as far as the alley in our back yard?

Check out this pic-

Backyard Alley

We paid a guy $200 to do it for us. It was the best $200 I spent. :-) (we need to have him come back to finish the inside of our backyard).

Yours In Takin’ the Easy Path,

Jonathan Register


P.S. The question now becomes…how do I target buyers? Well there’s a cool ninja way you can easily target BUYERS on Facebook.

Want to know how to do this? Leave us a comment below and if we get at least 15 responses, I’ll share it with you! (hint: SHARE & LIKE this post so we can get enough responses).


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