This Can Mean The DEATH Of Your Business…

Today I wanted to share with you something that if you let it…

Will cause the death of your business.


This is what causes A LOT of people in our industry to quit.

And I can promise you that this WILL happen to you.

It’s happened to me personally many, many times.

And quite frankly, it hurts. It stings.

BUT…When this happens to you, it’s actually a good thing.

I’ll share why it’s a good thing later, but let me first share with you what the heck I’m talking about.

I’m talking about…

People talking negatively about you behind your back.
People making fun of what you’re doing.
People insulting you for what you’re doing.
People making assumptions about you that aren’t true.

No matter WHAT level you’re at, this WILL happen to you. It’s also going to come from all angles-

Your family.
Your friends.
Your personally sponsored reps.
Your customers.

By the way, I’m not telling you this to scare you.

I’m just sharing with you the inevitable in an effort to HELP YOU so you know how to handle it when it comes your way.

If I told you that when someone criticizes what I’m doing that it doesn’t bother me, then I’d be a liar.

It hurts.

I’m human just like you. And as humans we want to be accepted by others.

So when someone criticizes you, it never feels good.

Just a few months ago I found out someone within my own company was just totally talking trash about me to others.

And the funny thing is…I didn’t even know this person (never met them, never seen them, never talked to them, etc)

And they didn’t know me.

But yet this person was making all of these assumptions about me that weren’t true, and talking trash.

It was a shock to me. And it took awhile for me to let go of it.

What finally allowed me to let go of it and get past it was this…

I came to realization that it wasn’t me. It was this person.

What I mean by that is this person had their own inner issues…insecurities…jealousy.

So as a way to make them feel good about themselves, as a way to deal with their issues, they insulted me, and I’m sure they’ve done the same to others.

So it wasn’t me. It was them.

THAT’S what you need to realize.

It’s not YOU, it’s them.

People have a funny way of coping with their own insecurities.

Have you ever known someone who ALWAYS insults you, or makes fun of you in a “joking way?” (aka, they play it off as a joke, but you hear it, and it bothers you)

Well that’s the same thing. That person just has insecurities about themselves. So they insult others to make themselves feel better.

So even though it still hurts when it happens…You’ve gotta realize that it isn’t you…it’s them.

Realizing that will allow you to let go of it and move on.

Oh, and remember I said that it’s a GOOD thing when this happens to you?

Well, the reason it’s a good thing, is that means you’re either doing something that’s putting you on the path to success (it’s against the norm), or you’re already having success.

And as a result…other people are jealous of that. They are jealous they aren’t having the success you’re having.

They’re jealous that they don’t have the balls (or courage) to do what you’re doing.

So that’s how you get over the criticism, the insults, the jokes…

You realize that it isn’t you, it’s them. And it’s actually a good thing because that means you’re on the path to success or already achieving success.

The next question is…

Do you confront these people? Or do you just let it go and move on? What do YOU think?

Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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