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shy, introverted, HORRIBLE with technology…

THAT…is how I use to think of myself. What do you think happened as a result of that? Watch today’s 2 minute video lesson below to find out…

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Hiram Santisteban says March 26, 2013

Amen Jonathan Register

Alex Levandoski says March 27, 2013

Great quick video about a very important topic! Thanks for the insight Jonathan!

    Jonathan Register says March 27, 2013

    My pleasure Alex!

Debbie Tudor says April 4, 2013

Great video… so true about taking the label off and noticing that it was holding you back. (Hey came to watch the Live (sort of) webinar… couldn’t find it.. Great sharing… you are helping so many people!

    Jonathan Register says April 4, 2013

    thanks Debbie! It’s crazy how much putting a label on ourselves can impact our lives. I emailed out the link last night (check your Spam folder maybe?), but also check the latest blog post. I appreciate the kind words. Keep me updated on YOUR success!

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