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“S” – 6 Figure Success Formula (Part 2 of 4)

A few weeks ago I revealed my 6 Figure Success Formula during a wakeup call I hosted for the MLSP Community.

The formula is…

M + S + G + T = Success

I revealed to you the “M” as mindset during this call- Click Here To Listen To Mindset Call

If you missed that call, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY encourage you to listen to that call FIRST before listening to the I call I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

Just like my Grandma’s incredibly awesome Pumpkin Pie, it requires certain ingredients for it to taste so sweet, and so, so GOOD!

The same goes for the 6 Figure Success Formula. If you’re missing some of the ingredients you will NOT get the final result….SUCCESS.

During the below call I reveal the “S” part of the formula.

Listen to it here now…

(make sure to listen closely to what I tell you towards the end that you should learn to LOVE. If you take this to heart…profound change will occur in your business)


What are your thoughts?
Did you get any value out of the call?

Can’t wait to hear YOUR thoughts! Leave a comment below now…

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Karen Marrow says September 13, 2012

I always learn something when I visit your blog. Keep up the great content, Jonathan! Have a great day!!! Karen

    Jonathan Register says September 14, 2012

    Thanks Karen!

Lindsay Ford says September 13, 2012

Great post, Jonathan! Glad you shared this

    Jonathan Register says September 14, 2012

    No problem Lindsay.

Alex Levandoski says September 14, 2012

Awesome as always Jonathan! Can’t wait to hear about G!

    Jonathan Register says September 14, 2012

    My pleasure Alex! Glad you enjoyed it!

JIll says September 18, 2012

Couple weeks behind the morning call but I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for all the nuggets of encouragement and wisdom.

    Jonathan Register says September 18, 2012

    No problem! Glad you enjoyed it and way to go for plugging in!

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