Perpetual Postponement

“Perpetual postponement”…this is so profound & powerful and has personally hit me HARD deep in the gut. This was so timely for me, and I wanted to share it with you (I know it will have an impact on your if you listen up and get this)-

So, as I shared in the video, READ this one more time-

[quote style=”boxed”]That which you would be and hope to be, you may be now. Non-accomplishment resides in your perpetual postponement, and, having the power to postpone, you also have the power to accomplish – to perpetually accomplish: realize this truth, and you shall be today, and every day, the ideal being of whom you dreamed.

Say to yourself, “I will live in my Ideal now; I will manifest my Ideal now; I will be my Ideal now; and all that tempts me away from my Ideal I will not listen to; I will listen only to the voice of my Ideal.[/quote]

– As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen

LASTLY, **your action is needed**

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