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Turkey Butt Cheeks (photo) & $97 Freebie

So this is an image that I want to ERASE out of my mind SO SO BADLY (kind of like what they do in Men In Black)…


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PISSED Wife & Jobs.

Saturday…my wife was so pissed at me. I mean she was FUMING mad.

More on that in a second…Continue reading

the “OHH SH*! moment”

Just in case you’ve been worried about me….

Yes. I am alive! :-)

top secretThe big secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes (project code word “CAPS”) has been totally consuming my time…

Constant testing & tweaking….testing & tweaking, and more testing & tweaking.

So as a result I haven’t been as consistent with my communication with you as I’d like.

…But I’m so so excited about CAPS.

It’s going to REVOLUTIONIZE your business. It’s going to help SO many people.

By the way in case you don’t know, project CAPS is where I’ve been working to put together a custom WordPress theme designed for 2 things…Continue reading

Trapped (warning: explicit language)

I can remember feeling SOO trapped.

I HAD to go to my daily job.

I HAD to make the long one hour and 30 plus minute commute in bumper to bumper traffic.

I HAD to “pay my dues” and work for years and years making NOTHING until I finally made over $50k a year.

…$50k/year was a lot back then…heck, $100k/year was the ultimate dream.

It just felt like there was no other option.

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this saved me $440…

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