Ninja Tactic To Getting $0.15 Cent BUYER Leads From Facebook.

This is powerful. This might change the entire course of your business if you’re NOT doing this.

Most people target the WRONG people. They are begging people. Chasing people. And trying to “convince” people to buy there stuff or join their business opportunity. There IS an easier way! :-)

And that easier way to is to focus your time, energy, & efforts on BUYERS.

So, here’s how to get BUYERS from the #1 (sometimes #2) most visited site on the net…


Like I show you in the video above, here’s the cool (super cheap) software that will suck buyers from Facebook in just a few seconds >>Click Here To Snag It.


Whatcha Think? Did This Blow Your Mind? Did You Learn Anything? Leave A Comment Below And Let Us Know! (more comments = me sharing more ninja stuff like this because helping you drives ME)


16 thoughts on “Ninja Tactic To Getting $0.15 Cent BUYER Leads From Facebook.

  1. Khoa


    This post was pure effing platinum. I’ve been getting into FB group marketing, but have been doing it the LOOOOOONG way by joining groups, friending people, etc. All so I can market to them. You just saved me a buttload of time with this technique. Thanks so much. I’m going to implement RIGHT NOW, but I had to give you thumbs up first.

    1. Jonathan Register Post author

      love the comment Khoa! It was my pleasure and really glad that this will help save ya some time! Definitely take action on it and keep us updated on your success!

  2. Darren

    Wow. Amazing. I can’t wait to experiment. I just need to find groups to target for my market.

    Many groups are closed. Do you ask to join to get the user id #’s?

    1. Jonathan Register Post author

      Yea if they are a closed group, I just ask to join! Most will add you no problems.

      But if you can find “customer groups” in your target market, then those are gold. :-)

    1. Jonathan Register Post author

      lol…I need to do some research to see how big the basket weaving industry is. It’s such a common saying, would be funny to say…”Yea. I do have a basket weaving business…”

  3. Lissa

    Great stuff Jonathan! Really valuable info. Few questions.. When starting out with Facebook advertising what’s a good budget to set? I know you can pick min and max before you make your ad live. Also how much success have you had with these targeted adds?

  4. Shabs

    Great video. I am a fiction author and I want to implement this ASAP.

    One question though. I haven’t set up my Facebook author page yet.

    Can you please please please do a video showing us how to run a Facebook ad and capture the info of the custom audience into a main system??


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