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“M” – 6 Figure Success Formula (Part 1 of 4)

Yesterday I did the wakup call for the MLSP community and I revealed the “M” in my 6 Figure Success Formula.

During this call you’ll get my 6 Figure Success Formula (at least part of it), and we go into some laws of “M” that are absolutely critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

Also, listen up for the funny thing my wife likes to say to me. It has something to do with buttholes. :-) It’ll make sense after you listen to the call!

So listen to this audio now here…



We didn’t have time to go through all of the laws of “M” but I got through some of the big ones. And in case you missed it, here’s the 6 Figure Success Formula…

M + S + G + T = Success

What are your thoughts?
Did you resonate with anything I said or did anything hit home with you?

I’m guilty of breaking ALL of those laws, but things started dramatically changing when I started to live by them.

Can’t wait to hear YOUR thoughts! Leave a comment below now…

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David says August 30, 2012

Awesome Call Jonathan! I was there live and I was taking lots of notes. What you said couldn’t be more true, and I’ll have to admit I do struggle with those laws.

Thanks for all that you do and for bein an awesome leader.

    Jonathan Register says August 30, 2012

    My pleasure David! Also, I appreciate the kind words. Have a great day buddy!

Travis says August 30, 2012

Great call Jonathon. I appreciate your time. Love The law of M :)

    Jonathan Register says August 31, 2012

    Thanks Travis! It’s a good law to love! :-)

Alex Levandoski says August 31, 2012

Well said Jonathan! Mindset is the foundation that allows us to build real success. The abundance mind state is essential, as is sharing our value through all that we do. Looking forward to learning more!

    Jonathan Register says September 4, 2012

    My pleasure Alex! Glad it helped you! I obviously totally agree with what you said! :-)

william lively says October 8, 2014

Hi Jonathan. My question is that I will not do MLM again. But I am involved in Internet Marketing in the Digital Information arena. I am being taught how to do the Marketplace Research, create my own product,package my product(IE Ebook graphics) and sell them. I also am looking into membership sites. Will this work in this sector or is it more geared to get leads for your MLM promotion? I do know of Matt Lloyd and his MOBE program so maybe I know the answer already. Thank You, Sincerely William Lively

    Jonathan Register says October 8, 2014

    I’m trying to understand what your question is exactly based on your comment. :-) You said…

    “Will this work in this sector or is it more geared to get leads for your MLM promotion?”

    Are you asking if you do “marketplace Research, create your own product, package your product(IE Ebook graphics)” in the Internet Marketing niche will it work?

    Please clarify what you’re asking and I’d be happy to try to help!

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