He’s Transitioning Into A Woman

Did you hear the news?

Bruce Jenner, at 65 years of age is transitioning into a women.

Seriously, no joke.

In case you don’t know, he’s a former Olympic athlete (he won a gold medal in 1976 for the decathlon), but more famously what he’s known for is being on the show featuring his family, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

We all know, a dude transitioning into a women is not “normal” or “typical.”

ESPECIALLY a guy who has been (on the outside looking in) a seemingly manly man who is…

– 65 years old
– a former Olympic athlete
– has been married twice to 2 different women

…but now is deciding to really change things up and become a woman.

That isn’t “normal.”

In a very weird, kind of bizarre way, Bruce Jenner transitioning to a woman, totally relates to what you and I do.

Building an online business…being an entrepreneur….

Is not “normal.”

Taking a STAND for you and your family…

And working to build something that can FREE you from being trapped in a life building someone else’s dreams at a job….

Is not “normal.”

Most people live their lives day to day just doing enough to get by.

Most people, have given up on their dreams.

Most people, believe they are destined and pre-determined to live a life as a poor, or “making enough to get by” life.

You, me…

We aren’t accepting that.

THAT…is not normal.

Sometimes…NO…more often than not, being weird and NOT living a life trapped by what is “normal” or “not normal” will make you WAYYYYYY more money, and will allow you to create way more happiness in your life.

So, how can you be more weird? :-)

And no, you don’t have to go to the extreme of changing genders. :-)

For those who don’t “settle” and who understand and believe THEY CONTROL their lives and destiny, this is for you.

Have a kick butt day,

Jonathan “definitely NEVER becoming a women” Register

(us dudes have it way easy anyways… :-))

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