Her Testicles Actually Looked Edible…

So I’m not going to let this subject line “hang” (pun intended) because I know your mind is probably going to some really weird places.

Get your head out of the gutter, ok?! ;-)

Here’s what I’m talking about…

My wife and I have recently gotten into the show “MasterChef.”

It’s where a group of home cooks compete to win the title of “MasterChef.” They also of course win some money as well as a deal to get their own cook book published.

Anyways…so the episode we watched last night on Hulu (we’re at Season 5) they had to cook some very very exotic foods.

They had to cook either-

1) Heart
2) Testicles
3) Tongue
4) Brain

They all looked totally disgusting raw, but it was amazing watching the remaining cooks turn these disgusting and weird “proteins” into amazing looking and amazing TASTING (from what the judges said) dishes.

The one that surprised me the most…was the testicles.

A lady named Courtney had to make a dish with them, and they actually looked really really good.

Had I not known they were testicles, I would have totally eaten them. :-)

So what’s the lesson in this story?

It’s this…

Sometimes in our journey’s to build an online business bad things happen.

Seemingly terrible things where there’s no hope…nothing to be learned, it’s just bad.

But I’m here to tell you even in the most bad, “disgusting” looking situations, there’s always something to be learned.

There’s always a way, always some way we can turn things around and create an amazing “dish” aka situation out of what life dealt us.

You just have to be a little creative, and push forward.

You have to be willing to experiment a little, try new things, and open to learning as you go.

Sooooooooooo, that’s the lesson I learned from those very weird dishes. :-)

For those willing to learn, but who want me on the front lines doing DAILY experiments for you on my dime to help you make more money…

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Hope you have an AWESOME Monday!

Jonathan Register

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