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guru Secrets EXPOSED…

This is how the “gurus” make tons, and tons of $$$, recruit as many reps as they want with a push of a button…

This is what makes it look so effortless and magical…

Watch the video below to find out how…

(hope no body gets pissed because of me sharing this with you) :-)


Questions? Comments? Get any VALUE out of this? Any “ah ha moments?

Leave me a comment below if you want to keep seeing videos like this!

About the Author Jonathan Register

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David says August 15, 2012

GREAT video. Yea I was one of those people taht would overcomplicated everything. Your video helped tremendously to clear things up.

Thanks for everything you do for us newbies!

    Jonathan Register says August 15, 2012

    My pleasure David! Glad you enjoyed it!

Paige Cribb says August 16, 2012

As always- good stuff! hey- I think I actually got it!!

    Jonathan Register says August 17, 2012

    GOOD! Yea I’m a picture person myself so drawing things out personally helps me too.

Avinash says March 9, 2013

hi jonathan, what is the screen recording s/w tat u used for making this video.

    Jonathan Register says March 9, 2013

    I used Camtasia Studio. Hope that helps!

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