feel like you’re NOT Focused and that you NEVER get anything done? Then Do This…

3 Steps To Creating Your OWN Plan (versus letting others create a plan FOR YOU…)

Step 1: Put this on your calendar towards the end of the week- CREATE MY TO DO FOR NEXT WEEK. I use Google Calendar and have this show up on my calendar every Friday.

Step 2: On the day you set to do your Weekly To Do, spend 10-15 minutes creating a plan for what you want to accomplish the following week. I literally have a notepad file titled “Weekly To Do.” In that file I have listed out-


  • to do 1
  • to do 2


  • to do 1
  • to do 2


Step 3: Commit to creating a Weekly To Do List and actually doing what you list each and every week. If you do this…you WILL BE MORE FOCUSED and get MORE RESULTS!

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