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Don’t EVER Forget This!

This is something that is SO easy to forget. It’s SO easy to get caught up in getting your online home business setup…

  • Setting up your blog
  • Setting up your landing pages
  • Setting up your autoresponder, etc. etc. etc.

And it’s even easy to lose FOCUS on this as you run your business. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve taken a look at what some of my students are up to, and it becomes very very clear that they’ve lost focus on this.

And that is…

In order to make money, we need to sell stuff! :-)

Sounds pretty darn obvious huh? (you might be thinking… “Ummmm duhhhh!”) But the thing is, people still lose focus on this!


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I’ve lost focus of this before! I’ve gotten caught up in-

  • focusing solely on learning (buying thing after thing…jumping from course to course)
  • focusing on “tech” stuff (trying to get a stupid plugin working correctly).
  • researching stuff (looking for the “perfect” hosting company, the “perfect” this or that)
  • etc.

Sound familiar at all?

So in this post I wanted to #1, remind you of the above! :-) And #2, I wanted to answer a few common questions I get when it comes to selling stuff online. We’ll also go into some “ethics” when it comes to selling stuff.

How many offers should I promote?

*An offer is anything someone can buy. It’s a product, service, etc.

The answer to that is…as many as you want! But, here’s what I personally do…

I promote 3-5 “core” products. These are products that I personally use and that help people get started with their own successful online business. These 3-5 core products always seem to shift, BUT I find I have the most success when I just focus on a core group of products that I truly believe in, and that helps people.

Then, as new products/opportunities come out, if something comes along that I personally use in my own business, or if it’s from someone I trust, I know it is proven to work and will help you or others, then I’ll potentially promote it.

I DO NOT promote everything that comes along. I DO NOT just SOLELY send out emails telling people to “buy this” or “buy that.” At the same time though, if there’s something I believe in, I know will help people, I’m not afraid to tell people to pull out their credit cards and buy it. You can NOT be afraid to ask for the sale or to offer stuff that helps people.

But there is balance. Do you get that?

Another question people ask me…

Should you buy/own the products you promote?

I already answered that above, but wanted to re-iterate this. Ideally…YES…but not always.

The reasons it’s a good idea to actually own the products you promote is-

  1. It’s the ethical thing to do (seems kind of shady to promote something really hard and not own it…but again there are exceptions we’ll talk about).
  2. You’ll be able to share your personal experience/results.
  3. You’ll build more trust and gain a deeper relationship with your list.

The exceptions?

The product might not necessarily be something that you personally need (maybe it’s a beginner training, or you already have a similar tool/service). And it might be something that your tribe NEEDS, wants, and will help them.

So again, here’s the cases where I may not necessarily own a product that I’m promoting-

  • It’s from a company/marketer that I trust.
  • There are other people using it and getting REAL results.
  • It’s something that will help people.

Just remember, EVERYTHING you promote reflects on you, and at the end of the day, it’s about solving problems and HELPING people.

5 high converting offers you can use to make money now. . .

Ok, lastly, I just want to end with a few products that you can INSTANTLY start promoting now to make money with that I personally believe in.

PlugInProfitSite – this is a great offer for new people getting started. This service will set your blog up for you for free, and will give you a free website you can use that promotes 5 programs for you. This is a great front end offer.

GVO – provides dirt cheap website hosting/autoresponder and has a nice comp plan attached.

Pure Leverage – this is another product offered by GVO. It gives you an expanded autoresponder account that allows more subscribers, they have more training/features, and has an MUCH better comp plan attached.

90SecondSqueezePage – this one is totally 100% free. It lets you create free lead capture pages, AND you can promote this site to let other people use it. There’s an optional upsell for another traffic program when you sign up for it (and you WILL get people buying, so it’s kind of ninja ;-)).

My Lead System Pro – this one of my all time favorite programs. This is made for network marketers, but really anyone can use it. They’ve got an incredible community, and I love to give back to it as much as I can. It’s really the system that helped put the pieces of the puzzle for me that led to me making enough income to do this stuff full time.

This is by no means a complete list (I didn’t even include any of my personal products, which I should have). When I get around to it I’ll be created a page with ALL the products I personally use in my business and believe in at this page (link can be found at top of any page on my blog).

SO….that’s it! I hope this post WOKE you up in case you’ve lost focus on this! I hope it helps MOVE you forward and help you continue getting closer and closer to your dreams & goals!


Have YOU ever forgotton this? Got Any QUESTIONS, COMMENTS? Leave em’ below in the comments!


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Jess says May 16, 2013

Good reminder! Thanks Jonathan! Question – do you think there’s a point to which we can promote too many products?

    Jonathan Register says May 16, 2013

    Thanks! I think like everything, you can of course go overboard. I think if you’re confusing your prospect/customers, then you might be trying to sell too many things (or you need to deliver your messages in a more logical manner). Does that make sense?

Nicholas Wind says May 16, 2013

Good job Jonathan on this post.
I am now at the Master level and pretty excited about all I see in here.
5 years of mind expansion headaches has me here so should be farly simple for me.
A question I have is can I use the Empower network WP blog inside Tribepro?
Let me know if you have the answer.
I’ve had 3 WP blogs of my own and may get another but not if I can use Emp Net.

    Jonathan Register says May 16, 2013

    Thanks buddy! I just noticed…CONGRATS!!! Also got your VM. I’m going to try you back tomorrow to catch up for a few minutes. Got a cool gift that I think you’ll like! :-)

    As far as I know, yes, you should be able to submit your EN blog to Tribepro. It’s a WordPress blog, and I think Tribepro uses the “rss” feed to pull in the new content you create into TribePro. There’s videos in Tribepro that should help you out.

    Congrats again look forward to catchin up!

Jonathan says May 16, 2013

Great post Jonathan…now I know why I’m not making any money
: )

If you get the chance, I’d like to see a review on MLSP vs Empower Network.

Thinking of joining one but not sure which one yet.

Best part of the post:

“Just remember, EVERYTHING you promote reflects on you, and at the end of the day, it’s about solving problems and HELPING people.”

Milena says May 17, 2013

Thank you that back return me to the main purpose. Very often lose focus lately. I reviewed programs. Thanks for sharing.
I`ll think about any of them.

    Jonathan Register says May 17, 2013

    My pleasure Milena!

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