Anthony Morrison Scam – TOTAL Waste Of Money?

Hansen Report Anthony Morrison Scam

Hansen Report Anthony Morrison Scam?

Is it an Anthony Morrison scam? That is exactly what I thought when I saw Anthony Morrison’s infomercial very early one morning. I think it was around 4:30-5:00am one morning after I had finished making my breakfast and I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. I stumbled upon this News Report (at least that’s what it appeared to be at first glance) called the Hansen Report.

It looked interesting so I left the TV on that channel but I very quickly realized this was an infomercial after hearing, “An automated way to make money on the internet…” I immediately thought, “Ok, this is a Hansen Report Anthony Morrison Scam.” However, after thinking that I was still intrigued. See I really DO work from home making money from the Internet. :-) While I have had a good amount of success and I do this full time, Anthony Morrison made it seem like it was incredibly easy. So maybe this guy knows something I don’t know! So I kept on watching.

I finally made it to sales offer and it turns out, if you CALL NOW, then you’ll get the Advertising Profits From Home book, PLUS as a special bonus you’ll get the Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaires book. This make money from home through the internet system is also very different, because Anthony Morrison has a vested interest is seeing you succeed! :-)

So is this an Anthony Morrison scam? Or is it the real deal? I was curious, so after I finished my breakfast, I ran upstairs to my computer and started doing some research on the “Anthony Morrison Scam” …

Is There An Anthony Morrison Scam?

Anthony Morrison Scam

Anthony Morrison Scam?

After I did some digging on the Anthony Morrison scam, it turns out that one of my mentors actually saw the same infomercial and bought the product to see what it was all about and to see for himself if it was an Anthony Morrison scam.

After you order Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaires and the Advertising Profits From Home book you get a couple DVD’s and the 2 books. Per my mentor, the information is pretty basic and discusses affiliate marketing (where you get commissions by selling other people’s products online) and a few other methods for marketing and making money online.

The course covers your mindset that you need to be in, it gives an intro to affiliate marketing, an intro to paid advertising, and an intro to Cost Per Action marketing (CPA). It also covers the basics on Yahoo, Google, MSN, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. Overall there isn’t anything new for me to learn or stuff that you can learn for free without doing a few searches online.

The information in the course is good info for beginners and doesn’t seem like you could justify calling it an Anthony Morrison scam. THAT is, until a few days pass after purchasing the course…

Why Do People Say It’s An Anthony Morrison Scam?

Evidently, after you put any thoughts aside of it being an Anthony Morrison scam, and you pull the trigger and purchase the course the fun begins (I’m being sarcastic). So within a matter of days of ordering you’ll start getting phone calls from Anthony Morrison’s sales staff. They’ll be calling you trying to get you to buy an upsell that promises to be the hidden pieces of the puzzle that aren’t covered in the main Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaires and Advertising Profits From Home books.

They will offer you the help from a personal Coach that will set you back thousands of dollars. BUT this Coach is totally worth it since you’ll have an edge. CPA marketing is incredibly competitive (which is true), and it takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skills (which is true as well) to find success. So let’s get you signed up so you can start making your millions NOW! :-)

From what I’ve read on the supposed Anthony Morrison scam, people say that these calls will NOT stop. They will almost get to the point of harassing. Also, the feedback from this upsell was pretty negative and this is from a lot of the people who say it’s an Anthony Morrison scam. So I totally understand these people. If I forked out thousands of dollars for something I’d expect results. Otherwise, I’d be screaming to the top of my lungs too that it was an Anthony Morrison scam.

Final Verdict – Is It An Anthony Morrison Scam Or Not?

For a beginner, the Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaires and Advertising Profits From Home books sound like they might have some good basic information (nothing mind blowing though). However, the upsell seems pretty crappy and the way they go about marketing the course and pushing the upsell overall doesn’t seem like the best way to go about it.

I would say that it isn’t a true Anthony Morrison scam, but maybe poor marketing, and possibly having an upsell that doesn’t live up to what it says it’s going to do. They did however get a few things right. The course seems to revolve around CPA marketing which is an incredibly competitive arena.

You’ll be competing against a ton of big dogs who have a full staff of people managing and running their campaigns. It also typically takes thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to figure out a winning campaign. I would personally say that for a beginner it would be smarter and more effective to focus on free strategies to make income online versus using CPA marketing.

If you’re dead set on getting the course, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the Advertising Profits From Home over at Amazon so you can avoid getting the harassing phone calls and avoid potentially being sucked into their upsell.

Are You Serious About Generating An Income Online?

If you’re absolutely dead serious about generating an income online, then I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT an overnight thing and that it does take hard work and dedication like any other money making venture. You need to be prepared to learn (and to PAY for your education; otherwise you’ll spend years and years trying to figure it out on your own) and be prepared to stick with it for the long haul. Despite the hard work and the learning involved, there is still a TON of opportunities out there that will allow you to make a lot of money online.

I’m a strong advocate of network marketing (so you can create a long term, walk away residual income) and earning an income as an affiliate marketer using free traffic techniques. Browse around my site, and make sure to check out this post for a system that I use that gives results – My Lead System Pro Review.

I hope you enjoyed my Anthony Morrison scam blog post!

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27 Responses to “Anthony Morrison Scam – TOTAL Waste Of Money?”


  2. Thank you for informing me on the Anthony Morrison self-made internet millionaire. Me & my family was going to invest in it… you have any sugestions on free money making on-line ways, as well…..

    • Lets be real. There no such thing as free! :-) I would stop looking for free ways, and focus on looking for how to do something that you love online while helping others. You’ll learn with time that the value you give the world determines how much income you make. So how can you give value to people online? That’s a better direction to start going in. Hope that helps.

  3. I joined Anthony’s program. For about 30 seconds. I joined one part of the program and when I did, I got flooded by calls from people that work for him. They would call and offer me new things for so much money, and I turned it down. They would call back with a new item, I turned them down. I do not think that there is anything in this world you can not make money on, nor should you be shunned from doing so. Unless, it is illegal to start with. I would challenge Anthony to sell me something that I could make money on, real money and not have to ever get a call from some of his yahoos trying to sell me something else. Let me sell you something, I will only call you everyday and want you to buy something else!

  4. I had email them back i can’t take risk because i have lost my job and need to start make alittle to survive so thanks for the heads up because as for being on a computer marketing and getting no were and getting upsell calls would be very stressful not what i thought this would be .not looking for easy street just for some real help. thanks

  5. How are you making money from home on the internet

    • By selling other people’s products and my own products. Why do you ask?

      • Why do you ask why he asked? I’ll tell you why I thought the same question he had.. because I’ve read a lot of blogs about the Morrison’s and every last one of them were making money online pitching their own affiliate links, so it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. “His methods are wrong and a scam, but mine, which also use AM and CPA etc etc etc, are not a scam.” Good tactic. Get people to trust yours because you put someone else’s down. I don’t trust any of you.

    • I paid a lot of money for Anthony programm and I didn’t get a dollar back yet.

      • I bought this product also..i want a refund but cant see where to apply for the refund. can you e-mail me a phone number or a place to apply for the refund.

  6. can you teach me and tell me what should i do to make money Online

    • Jonathan Register Reply March 11, 2013 at 4:25 pm

      Feel free to join my newsletter if you want free tips & strategies. BUT, you’ve gotta be willing to invest in your business if you truly want to succeed and make real money. Hope that helps.

  7. so you mean Anthony Morrison program is not real?

  8. Having you heard or seen Anthony’s recent video abt the “see how I can get 553,000 Targeted Visitors in 12 mins flat” video? I was intregued and decided to do so research about join in. That’s when I came across your website coments.
    I’m very interested in making money on internet but have heard lots of scams. Can you suggest any programs or systems that’s legit? I’m willing to put in the time and a small investment into it.
    At the same time, is it mandatory to have your own website ( domain name and hosting)?
    Would be greatly appreciated if you can help me to get started.

  9. Thank you for the blog about Anthony Morrison. I attended his free seminar because he advertised how he would tell me the secrets of making money online. The entire 90+minute presentation was nothing but a hyped up sales pitch to get me to spend $2990 on a three day seminar that his brother was giving, he wasn’t even the speaker. I never saw Anthony in person as he had one of his cohorts give the presentation. Affiliate marketing, social media, is what the talk was all about. By doing my own research, I am aware of what those terms are, I’m just not sure how to put my knowlege to use and make money.

  10. Hello Jonathan,

    I looked to have an online job, so when I found Anthony Morrison video I really exicted. but soonly I back because I thought that it is a scam. so could you help me to find a real online job, because I need to have at least 1000$ per month.
    Best Regards

  11. I would like to receive you newsletter. I would like to start an online business. I just retired from my job due to heart issues. I need to bring money in, and i have all the time in the world to put into it. I have very limited income though right now. I need help and am tired of all the scams.
    Thanks in advance,

  12. I just received an email with a video from Anthony letting me know that he has a three step to success formula, something to do with sending out emails.
    I love the way he prices these programs, on this one its starts at $67.00 but when you try to leave the page the price goes down, I tried to leave the page three time, just before I got off the page the price was $9.00…What do you think about that Jonathan.

    • Jonathan Register Reply April 6, 2014 at 6:17 pm

      Those are just downsells so he can maximize the money he makes from his sales funnel. Now assuming maybe it’s a membership offer and he’s just reducing the amount you have to pay to try to get you to test drive it, then I don’t see anything wrong with that (as long as what he is selling truly helps people). I hope that helps buddy!

  13. Thanks For The Research…. I know one thing though, they make killer sales videos for sure…
    Roy Fielding (Mentorman)


  15. Jonathan, thank you so much for your information on Anthony Morrison. I can tell that you are a man of integrity and truly care about potential clients. Unfortunately, I purchased many of Anthony’s programs. I am very good with the computer but after really trying his product out and following his steps, I made NO money at all. I am on permanent disability and I NEED to make real money on line. Then, I found out I need another neck surgery, and my insurance will not pay for the whole surgery. I need my money back from Anthony but so far I have not received a penny back. I need that money as I need to help pay for my much needed neck surgery. He made promises that just were not true. If he was a man of integrity he would refund my money like he said he would in his video. It was a no question asked guarantee that he would refund a person’s money if it didn’t work for them. Now what I do?? Now I am desperate!! My health comes first. Thank you again Jonathan for your time and for any suggestions you may have for me! :)

  16. How do I get my money back? Unable to make contact via phone and/or email via support. My bank will not help me.