$11,000/mo Mistake #3 of 3 (the Final Knockout Punch).

This mistake was truly the FINAL BLOW to me losing at least $11,000/month in income over this past year.

I want you to AVOID this painful punch, so check it out now-

Here’s a few final tips to AVOIDING getting sucked into our industry hoopla-

  • You don’t need to click every ad on Facebook (except mine of course ;-)), or optin it ever lead capture page you see (again, except mine ;-)). If you need to go on Facebook during your business time, create a clear plan of what you need to do. Do it, and then GET off of Facebook (feel free to replace “Facebook” with whatever site you find yourself getting distracting on the most).
  • Ask yourself these questions…
    • What kind of business do I want to build?
    • How do I want to build & market that business?
    • Etc.
    • THEN…focus only on trainings, systems, tactics, that help you go down the path YOU want to go down to build your business.

    LASTLY, **please respond**

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    Yours In MASSIVE Success,

    Jonathan Register


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