100% DONE FOR YOU… just creating WEENIES?


Photo Credit: The Keep Calm O-Matic

Done for you this.
Done for you that.

Send me money, and I’ll do EVERYTHING for you!
Buy all my stuff and you’ll make MILLIONS!!!

Sounds pretty enticing huh?

Seems like a lot of the marketing these days is pushing “done for you stuff” with the promise of massive MASSIVE returns.

Let me let you into a little secret. Why do you see this kind of marketing everywhere?

Because it works.

It appeals to that side that we have in all of us…to have money just flow to us with us doing absolutely nothing.

I mean come on…Wouldn’t you love to be able to give me money, and then for you to get double, triple, & even quadruple the money back (while you just sit on your butt doing nothing)?

Heellll yea! Sign me up! :-)

But my question to you…

Is this type of marketing creating weenies?

Is that type of marketing creating REAL leaders?
Is that type of marketing moving people to create REAL results?

I think that’s up for debate. What do YOU think?

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